Saturday AM with Matt & Natasha!

That title sounds like it should be a radio show – sort of like a sports roundup sort of thing. You know, where there are highlights of the past week, and it’s all dissected by the hosts. Well, it was far from that. Instead, we (or actually just the Otis part) had the great pleasure of meeting soon to be Bride & Groom, Matt & Natasha for the first time this past Saturday!

After kind of a rocky start (all on the part of ol’ Otis), we got things turned around and this awesome couple turned on the charm for some sweet sweet engagement photographs! It was a pleasure to work with this charming couple, and we can’t wait until June for the big event. We thank them for taking the time to come down to the super-studio, and hope that Matt was able to make it through the day of wedding preparations in one piece. For the rest of you, thanks for tuning in, and – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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