Yesterday afternoon we at the Otis & James Center for Unemployed Drummers (OJCUD) welcomed new friends to the O&J family the lovely Lindsey & her lovely sister Lacie! The cause was none other than some super-fantastic Senior Portraits!

Seniors, Don’t ya just love ’em??!! Moving on from that cheesy ‘Pepperidge Farm‘ sentiment (you know, the commercials that have that guy with the creepy east coast/old man thing going on) – I digress – we actually do love our Seniors, as they have all been totally treat-ful to work with over the past year, and today proved to be no different!

We started off with Lindsey, and she was completely awesome as she totally tore it up throughout the shoot. We laughed, we were serious, there was no crying – but had we asked I’m sure she would have obliged if it would have made a better photograph.

We want to thank Lindsey for taking time for us, and would now like to offer up some pics from the day – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. THANK U SO MUCH! I love the pics so far…i’ve been checkin all day and here they are!! i’m so excited to see the rest and you guys did an awesome job!!! Thanks for makin me feel so comfy cozy during the whole shoot and i’m so glad i came in to see you guys!! THANK U SO MUCH! I love you guys!

  2. If I didn’t know any better I would say your the sexiest girl on this site.. but hey I’m on here too so sorry babe your the second sexiest! haha i’m kidding hun, luv ya see you around!

  3. Oh Lindsey….remember driving by the Bismarck penn. on the search for the hotel? Gosh, your such a fun person to be around,and i cant wait until prom. we’re going to have to unleash some serious dance moves that night. see you at regionals-(your goin down) JUST KIDDING! love ya…Andrea


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