Andy & Charity!

Our day of a million shoots (actually, it wasn’t a million – I’m not going to get all ‘Million Little Pieces‘ on you and continue my falsifications, as I’m afraid of the Oprah – and as long as we’re truthing it up…my name isn’t Otis…and I’m really a cook/diswasher/barfly…and I’m a long way from 4601 28th Ave SW, MPLS…and I have no idea what I’m doing here.)

Uh……moving on, our day continued with a visit from Old Friends (and I have no idea why I capitalized that, and I’m sure that I’m going to get a telephone call from James as she loves to be the first one that points our any sort of grammar errors that occur – not that I’m bitter about this) Andy & Charity!!

Working with these two is like this equation: w(crazy fun) – w = crazy fun.

w= work


It has been pointed out to me that this equation is hogwash. According to Andrew from Minot, the actual equation should be:

(W(Crazy Fun))/W=Crazy Fun or (1/w)(w(Crazy Fun)=Crazy Fun

Well played, Andrew. Well played.

You see, working with these two is not work, it is just crazy fun! You see, not only am I really a cook, I’m also really not what you could call a ‘math genius’, or for that matter, I’m not even a ‘understander of math.’ These shortcomings aside, we had a great time with these old friends, and as usual, they were totally and completely awesome!

We want to thank this super-duo for helping us close out our day in such a great way – and for the rest of you out there in blog world, good night and – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey O&J, I just checked the Blog and saw that some of our pictures are on already, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! I cant wait to see the rest. Thanks sooooooooo much, we had an awesome time!

  2. That equation is silly. No offense Otis, but the opposite of multiplying(W) is dividing, or multiplying by the reciprocal (1/W).

  3. Well played, Andy – this equation was merely a test of the math skills of my fellow bloggers. They are not good. As you stated, the opposite of multiplication is division, therefore the way to cancel it out would be something like that…ok…you’re still right, I don’t know what it us up.

    Could you show us what the correct equation would look like?

  4. Sir Otis Remmingham the third, The following equation is perfect in all forms. (i’m clearing my throat)
    (W(Crazy Fun))/W=Crazy Fun or (1/w)(w(Crazy Fun)=Crazy Fun


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