Saturdays with Andrew!

Otis & James welcomed none other than Ray’s very own, Andrew to the Super-Studio for some Super-Sweet Senior-Snaps! Even though this sounds as if it is a snack treat, I assure you my fellow bloggers that there were no snacks served, even though I’m sure that people would enjoy a nice snack here or there, this is and was not our purpose today.

Oh no, our purpose instead was to rock it up on the Senior front, and this was made totally and completey easy as Andrew was totally awesome to work with! He, along with his entourage (Ma/Pa) couldn’t have been any friendlier, and we thank them for making the trek down to our secluded little corner of downtown this morning/afternoon. As a special treat, we’d like to now offer up some sample snaps of our time – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

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  1. We really enjoyed the session with O & J. Thank you for making Andrew and PA/MA feel welcome. I can’t wait to view Andrew’s proofs. Thanks again.

  2. I am Andrew’s only sister and I have to tell you that after his session with O&J you came highly recommended to capture the moment at Tyler and my wedding in November. Andrew hates taking pictures and he said that he had fun with you guys. Thank you for the price list you gave my Ma, and I will hopefully be in contact with you soon.
    Valerie Anderson


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