We come to you today with our collective tail between our legs. You see, we…well…actually I (Otis) did something really, really dumb. Last Thursday you came down to the Otis & James Funcenter for Fun (O&JFFF) and had some super spectacular Senior Pics taken, and the next day I made up a blog entry to commemorate the occasion.

But here’s where the problem starts. Instead of publishing this entry on the blog for everyone to see, I instead made it so the entry could only be seen by me. Now, James says that it’s not good to keep the entries to myself, and that I need to make them for everyone to see, as hoarding the entries is very selfish of me.

Well, after quite a few days I finally realized my error, and I just want to say – ‘Here’s your blogger – You were great – Please Forgive!’

Without any further waiting, I present to you the lovely and talented Brianna – Enjoy!

With Warmest Regards,


All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Hey babe
    your pics are awsome, you look soooooo pretty. You should be proud. Its crazy that we graduate this year, its scary/exciting/confusing.
    Well just wanted to say that your pics are spectacular. Props to otis and james but they couldnt have done it without that pretty face of yours.

    Well, PEACE OUT
    You know that I love a you and that you my #1 PHIMP!



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