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This post has nothing to do with that now defunct great, this is instead a message to the faithful out there letting you know that after a brief hiatus in which we made some physical changes out there in the Otis & James Supercenter, and have also been making some behind the scenes preparations for this next totally rockin super sweet year!

Today, we begin the countdown to the big Senior Open House – check out the ‘Open House‘ link on the homepage for additional information. It’s gonna be a great week – thanks for being such faithful bloggers, and as a reward we are offering up some pics from the new and improved SuperCenter (I’ll even describe them!) – Enjoy!

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Our New Window
Inside the Front Office

Inside Jamie’s New & Improved Office (the kööl zone)
Inside the Front Office

Our Expanded Studio (…the lonely chair)

The Flip Side
Inside the Front Office

Inside the New Front Office (The Otis Aquarium)
Inside the Front Office
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  1. Hey there, well it looks like you got your new office finished. Im sure the pictures dont do it justice and I’m not getting the full effect from them so I’ll be stopping in later today to check it out. I really like the fire extinguisher, it goes well with the decor.

  2. Hey, just wanted to know if there is a “Don’t tap on the glass” sign on Otis’ fish tank? Looks cool, can’t wait to see hobbes do laps in the expanded studio.

  3. just thought i’d say (and i hope i’m not too late) your studio looks absolutely, totally righteous. hard to believe all those hours we spent standing in the new front office, absorbing the paint fumes and reminiscing of the days when matt drove on sidewalks and jamie was just…way too cool for anyone who drove on sidewalks. but times have changed, and for that, we can thank a total turn-around in matt’s sanity. whew..

    you’re both….totally….perfect.

    see you the 22nd!



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