Jolene…Again, and Finally!

It may seem like practically an eternity ago, but this past Thursday (and if I can get this writting in six minutes or less, I will get it posted still less than a week later) we welcomed back to the studio none other than the one and only Jolene!

Our mission today was to elaborate on our previous time together, and do this we indeed did, and did it in an elaborating way we did do indeed! As was to be expected working with such an totally rocking individual, we had a great time, and the photos by the photogs were rock-rock-rockin!

We would like to thank Jolene and her assistant (Mom) for taking time to visit us again, and for being patient in getting your blogger (or whatever it is you would like to call this.) So, before the clock stikes midnight, I present…Jolene – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Jolene- They are just as great as your other ones! Your SO beautiful ! haha I cant wait to get one..:)


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