Joe…(With A Little Help From Odie!)

That title is a cross between U2, The Beatles, and Garfield. That would indeed be one tripped out concert. I can’t believe that out of those acts, Garfield would headline.

But this isn’t about some pie in the sky concert that can never be held. Listen, I tell you a story now. Yesterday the sweet smelling world of Otis & James was paid a visit from none other than our new friend Joe, and his special guest Odie! Odie was actually only with us for a little bit, and then he turned the show over to the main event, Joe.

Joe was great – he displayed a rugged charisma that transcended the barrier between regular portraits, and super sweet portraits. We thank him for doing this, as people tend to be fans of the super sweet portraits more so than the ‘meh’ portraits.

Alright. Let’s get on with the pics – Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks again guys, pictures look great! Maybe I’ll bring Brandi back when she gets back for some more. Thanks again! Joe PS Odie likes them too.


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