Aaron & Janell!

Alright, by the time most of you read this post, it is my understanding that this happy couple will have already gone from Engagement Photographs to actual wedding photographs – in one week!

Let me explain. Last Saturday (I know, I know…I’m running a little behind on this one) we were paid a visit from this totally awesome couple, and the reason was none other than some super-super-duper Engagement Photographs! But (and I know that you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘but’, but as I write this I’m feeling a little…dangerous) this couple is doing it a little different – they’re just rockin’ right from these to the actual event in record time!

We’re just glad we were able to catch them before the big day, and we would like to wish them congratulations and offer all the best with their life together (and thank you for coming down to the studio last week, and having such fun with us) – Enjoy!

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