On Thursday we had the great pleasure of working with a young man by the name of Hayden! He, along with his entourage came in to the studio for some good ol’ fashioned Portraits!

This young man was absolutely wonderful – a treat to work with, and such a great attitude as we snapped away. A big thank you to Hayden and his assistants for coming (back) down to the studio this evening, and we would now just like to get to the goods – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Thats my beautiful youngest grandson, Haden your ever so handsome may you always enjoy life and be successful in all your travels. But remember theres no place like home.
    You have two wonderful parents.
    Love your NaNa Posey and Peter

  2. He’s a wonderful happy grandbaby who likes to bounce. What wonderful, cute pictures!

    With lots of love from his gramma & granpa Olson.


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