Lexi & Josh!

Yesterday afternoon we were joined by special guests, and old friends of Otis & James – Lexi & Josh! Some of you may remember Josh from before, and Lexi is soon to have her own Senior post as well! But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s get back to the matter at hand – some sweet sweet Prom snaps!

This was kind of a dress rehearsal for their actual prom, and it was fantastic! They were awesome, and they totally owned the shoot – let this dress rehearsal be the notice that they are completely ready for the real deal. No more practicing, they know all their lines Well played, Lexi & Josh, well played.

It seems tha that I have pretty much hit the point of the post in which I start rambling on and on using tired old cliches, so me thinks it better to move on to the photographic evidence form the day.

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  1. Our pictures look so awesome. Thank you so much for taking them, you did a great job. The hair and makeup was awesome too. Thank you for this opportunity. Thanx Again



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