Last Monday, (and I’m talkin’ ’bout the one that came not just this past one, but the one that was the one before) we had the great pleasure of welcoming back to the studio the one and only Anna!

She was with us a couple of weeks before this for some super-awesome and totally rockin- Prom snaps, and obviously we didn’t scare her enough with our strange brand of early thirties creepiness that we, or actually I, sometimes give off. Like I’m all like, “Yeah, I’m just listening to Fall Out Boy on my iPod”, when in reality I’m listening to the soundtrack to Flashdance on my Walkman Cassette Playa.

She was able to put all of this aside and come back for some super Senior Snaps, and the results were sweet. Totally. But don’t take my word for it, my fellow bloggers, look at the snaps…look at the snaps – Enjoy!

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