Eric & Amanda!

Our day of super-fun photographs (there was quite a bit of tedious office work, but does anybody really want to read a blog that talks about what bills were paid today, or the fact that we really need those click pencils??) continued with a visit from future Otis & James Bride & Groom (this sounds as if we might present them with a plaque for being a client, but there will be no plaque – instead they just have a good feeling inside that we will be there with them during their wedding day, or again, we hope they have a good feeling inside…or maybe it’s indigestion – whichever) Eric & Amanda!

We truly had a superfuntasticular time working with this lovely couple, and if our experience today is any indication, we will have a great time with their wedding as well (let’s just hope there won’t be as many interuptions during the wedding as there were during the session!)

A big shout out to E & A (this is what all their close friends call them – or at least I will call them this in hope that it will catch on) for being so totally and completely rockin’. Rock it up, now and forever more – Enjoy!

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