This morning (can you belive that I’m actually starting a post that occured on the same day??!!) the Otis & James Community Place For Them (O&JCPFT) welcomed our new friend Lindsey, and her entourage of Sisters & Mom for some Super-Fantasitc Senior Snaps!

We were lucky to catch her, as the plane to Motown was leaving soon – but not so soon that we couldn’t spend a little time with her! We had a great time working with this fantastic young lady, and I was able to show her how much we appreciated her stopping by to hang out with us by a recitation of all knowledge pertaining to the Motor City (which, other than my knowledge of Nugent, really isn’t that impressive…but I tried.)

She was great, we had fun (we hope she did to), and we would like to say a big thanks to Lindsey and her lovely entourage for making time for the Otis & James Caravan. To show this thanks, we would now like to offer up some snaps from our time – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Lindsey!! I love your pictures.. You are really pretty.. I didn’t notic how Photogenic you were!! LOL

    love yea girl


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