Bailley (The Haiku Edition)!

I think that they best way to conduct this post would be in free form Haiku. Here goes.

Bailley came for snaps
She was gold and sparkly
How we love Bailley

A huge thank you to Bailley and her special guest for being so great to work with (as usual), and for being so totally and completely awesome. I mean, you inspired me to write Haiku, and I haven’t done that since third grade.

Rock On, Rockers, and – Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Bailley (The Haiku Edition)!”

  1. Hey Bailley, pretty sure your pictures are adorable…although, a nice change would be a good old willow city jersey…i woulda come w/ a lansford cub’s one on…what a totally sweet reunion that would be..:)


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