Gill & Christen!

After a great start to the day, this past yesterday (but I guess that yesterday would imply that it was past, but I’m not being graded on this thing – am I?) continued on with being totally and completely awesome as we were paid a visit from the totally and completely awesome Gill & Christen!

They were patient as people in tuxedos and fancy dresses kept coming and going, but they never lost their cool. When it came time for the pics to start, they were ready to go and rock it out in the ol’ Otis & James Super Studio!

Seriously, I’m just going to say thank you to this lovely couple for being patient, and for being so great to work with. And when I’m done saying that I’m just going to stop typing and have you look at the proof of how awesome they were below. Well, it looks like I’ve done that. So – Enjoy!

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  1. Jamie and Matt- Thanks so much for everything!! We are really excited to see how the rest of the pics come out. As you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun-Thank again!

  2. These pictures are great Gill I’m sure Christen’s mom will love them to. Michelle and Nikki thought you two looked great. I will take a 8×10

  3. Hey guys, these are some beautiful pictures! Lil bro you’re looking more and more handsome as the years go by. God bless! The kids said hello: Ohvion, Kawanis, and Nyree(Ohvi’s a bit jealous!)
    Tosha sends her blessing too.

  4. OMG-these pics of you two are sweet!! Christen, he’s a lucky guy, hope to meet him if he comes to Houston…

  5. christen-i love you guys’pictures, i can’t wait to see the rest. talk you soon
    ashley h.

  6. These pictures are fabulous Gill. You & Christen are quite photogenic, but it might be the feeling between you coming through the pictures. I will be waiting for my copy.
    Love you. Aunt Pam

  7. Whats up “Big” Gill congrats on the engagment just wanted to give a shout out. And the little one on tha way.

  8. hey chris, you are quite beautiful…guess i should have paid attention j/k. for real i hope you and your man will have a happy and beautiful life together….


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