Cole, Super-Athlete/Model Extraordinaire!

Our past Saturday afternoon kept on getting better, as we moved on to a visit from a young man by the name of Cole, and his entourage! We all gathered for some super-awesome Cole pics – and let me tell you one thing and this one thing only – Cole was an absolute rock star in the studio!

He worked the camera like a pro – easily going from formal pics, to super-action sports pics; and all without even batting an eye! We were lucky to work with this young man (and his entourage as well), and we would like to now take a look at some of these sweet, sweet snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Cole! You look awesome in your pictures….wow! That basketball that you’re shooting looks like it’s going to go right into the hoop.

    Your mom and dad (and grandmas!) are going to have a hard time choosing which pictures they want to order.

    I’m proud of you for doing such a good job last Saturday….and for inviting us to Planet Pizza with you when you were done.

    Way to go!

    Auntie Tara

  2. You’re a fine looking young man, son. I must agree that you were quite the rock star during the photo session. I am very impressed with you, as well at the Otis and James photography team. Thank you all. Phenomenal, I tell you. Absolutely phenomenal!

  3. Cole-
    You listened so well to the photographers–I’m very proud of you!! Grandpa Art and I are excited to choose one of your awesome pictures to hang up on our living room wall.
    Grandma Lana

  4. Cole-
    You did a wonderful job!! I love all of your pictures!! You are getting so tall and handsome. What a model you made.



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