The Justin & Michelle Edition!

Again, venture with us as our journey to the land of many yesterdays continues, most specifically the yesterday that occured on a Saturday that wasn’t this last Saturday, and this time we will be stopping by the righteous photo shoot for long time friends of Otis & James, Justin & Michelle!

This time, we were not in some back office up on 31st, or in some garden center…oh no…we were in the O&J Funcenter, and we were taking photosnaps of the adults! They must have been paying attention to Connor as he worked the camera during his past shoots, because they got the jams out in a big way for the shoot!

Now, even though people don’t say ‘get the jams out’ I think that all of you can come to a universal conclusion that this wonderful couple was absolutely couply wonderfuliscous in every way – and to prove my point – I’m now going to cease this searching around the keyboard in search of the correct letter in order to form a word, and am instead going to get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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