The Thomas & Jessica Edition

Let’s hop into the Otis & James time machine here a little bit and take a voyage back, all the way back to not this past Saturday, but the Saturday before – Crazy!!!

Why must we voyage so far back in time?? To visit new friends of Otis & James, Thomas & Jessica for some super deluxe Engagement Photographs! We had an absolutely wonderful time working with this fatastico (I’m not sure if that is even a word from a foreign land, but I’m diggin’ it for this purpose) couple, and the session was sweetly sweets!

But really, haven’t we waited long enough to see the snaps? So I’m going to break my fingers in order for me to stop typing so that you can just look at this duo. Hearty thanks to Thomas & Jessica for stoppin’ down, and – Enjoy!

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  1. The pic, you make a great couple; you will have a wonderful life…

    But like always Jessica your just so cute.. pretty..
    Like your dad would say “our” babys are grown up… (so sad)

    We love you guys

    Mom & Dad & Tyler


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