Emily Gets By (With a Little Help From Her Friends)

This late afternoon was a happy time, as we were joined by new friends of O&J Emily, and her band of brothers (not that it was all men, as this was not the case, but I’m trying to type in a clever way, and am running out of cliches…so give me a little break here) stopped by the studio for some super awesome Friends/Couples Snappy Snaps!

They were all great to work with, which in turn made our work as easy as it gets – all we had to do was line them up and shoot, which sounds strangely like some sort of capital punishment, but rest assured my fellow children of the blog, we would never condone any violence like that in the Funcenter – becauase how much fun would that be?? Not much fun at all.

Well, moving on, we had a great time working with one and all, and would to wich Congrads to those doing that MSU graduation thing – Enjoy!

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