The Continuing Adventures of Carol…With Guest Star Brandon!

I’m pretty sure that I’ve pretty much said all that there needs to be said about this totally and completely rocking client that we’ve had the great priveledge of working with over this past year, that goes by the name of Carol, so I’m not even going to say anything about this shoot, other than these two rocked it up so totally and completely righteous style that there was a point at which I thought the sun was going to crack in half, and out from it would fly the sun-people, and they would come all the way back to earth, which it seems like that trip would take somewhere around the eight-minute mark if my memories of the speed of light and the earths distance from the sun didn’t get too burnt out (no pun intended) from things that occured during the golden-oldy-moldy 1990’s, and they would come all the way here to our little studio of fun just to see what it was that caused their sun-home to crack in half, and they would have the vision of these two etched into their sun filled eyes, and to etch the vision of someone into the eyes of something as bright as the sun people (and should I be capitalizing that term – ‘sun people’?) is pretty crazy, if you sit down and think about it.

And that’s how hard they rocked.

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