The Family Hoffman

On a lovely Monday evening, our very own James had the great pleasure of speding a little quality time with the family Hoffman, as it was again time for the yearly Otis & James/Hoffman Family Adventure!

As usual, the family didn’t disappoint. They had spent the past year in a near monk-like existence, focusing their collective energies toward this moment. Their emotions have been fine tuned, their posing calibrated to be no be no more than 3mm off from their intended goals.

With their minds sharp, their bodies fit, they came to the shoot ready not to rock…no…this would be too easy. Instead, they came to compose glorious photographic music. Rest assured, my fellow blogerites, this they did. The snaps may look spontaneous, but they are the hard earned results from untold hours of laborious practice.

In fact, one of the children actually took the photographs, while being photographed. All James could do was stand and watch in awe as this unfolded before her. Now that’s, crazy.

With this in mind – Enjoy!

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  1. The pictures are adorable! What a beautiful family. I miss your kids already!



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