Rockin’ Out With Gannon!

Our Tuesday got off to a great start as the FunCenter opened up the doors to a visit from new our new friend Gannon (and his personal roadie…Mom!)

Our mission was to get some super great rockin’ snaps of Gannon, and let me tell you what, get some super great rockin’ snaps is what we did! What really made this shoot rockin’ was Gannon and his Guit-Fiddle (that’s country talk for Guitar) playing! He shredded the frets like a young Eric Clapton (Gannon probably doesn’t know who Clapton is, but just click here to find out more…Knowledge…isn’t it great!)

We’d like to thank Gannon & his roadie for coming down to the Super Center, and we would now like to offer up some snaps from the day – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Thank-you sooooooo much for capturing my little man. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. We had so much fun. Thanks again!!!

  2. You guys rock! What a fun way to capture his personality. You’ve made his Grammy even more proud of him.
    Grammy Karen


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