Rockin’ (Again) With Elisabeth!

Our good ol’ friend Elisabeth joined us for another super fantasticly awesome shoot this past Thursday evening! I was thinking about leaving the post at just that statement, because what else really needs to be said about our old friend that we haven’t said before??!! I mean, she totally tears it up (when you say ‘tore it up, it sound better than this other tense, but I’m sticking with it) every time she comes through the FunCenter doors!

This time, however, we not only worked it up in the studio, but we also gots to go outside and partake in the lovely sunset that was provided us! Even though Elisabeth may have felt like the shoot was never going to end, and she may have wondered just how far out in the country we were going to take her, she and everyone else should rest assured once they see how awesomely fantastico these sample snaps are! So – Enjo!

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