Sunday Family Fun on Sunday, and With a Family!

As the post suggests, in fact, it may even do more than just suggest, it may just flat out inform, we spent a little quality time with the Family Kemper (and this may or may not be the correct name to go with, but I’m just going to call it the Family Kemper and hope for the best) here at the Otis & James FunCenter of Fun! And just guess what we did…come on…I know you can do it…go out on a limb here…and say…Took Pictures!!! Pictures are fun, take some today!! Yay!

I used to work at a photo lab, and on some of the packaging that we used, there could be found printed the mantra ‘Pictures Are Fun, Take Some Today!’ If any of you have seen the Manchurian Candidate (and I’m not talking ’bout the mediocre remake…no…I’m talking the original Sinatra version), you may be able to understand how I feel about that line that was drilled into my head. But enough about head drilling.

The family Kemper stopped by for some super sweet Family Snaps, and Snap Famly Sweet Super is just exactly what they did, and they did it with style! But enough of all this sludge flowing from my fingers. I suggest that we instead look beneath these words, and to a land in which photographs are fun, and we take some today – Enjoy!

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