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On Friday, the Otis & James Caravan of Love and Peace (in no way affiliated with any of those hippies) pulled out of Minot and headed a little south, to a place called Bismarck. We didn’t do this to see the Gov, or to go for a swim in the Riv (remember, the kööl thing is to use the abbrevs.) No, no, no, my friends – our mission was much better than either of these options. You see, we ventured down so we could do the snappy-snap thing we do, and this time for the lovely Kyle & Andrea!

Everything was perfect for their day. I mean, seriously, everything was perfect. The attention to detail for the event was top notch – kudos in our book for a job well done to everybody that played a part in the creation of the day (and I’m sure that you all did it just so you could here from me that I thought it was all good – so there – you got the ol’ thumbs up!)

Our trip was whirl-wind, as we had to boot back up to the land of Minotia before the O&J-Mobile turned into a pumpkin, but even though our time with Kyle & Andrea was fleeting, the results were gorgeous! Enough of these words which flow drip from my hands like water from a rock, and let’s get to the goods – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Andrea & Kyle,
    I was just looking through the Otis and James blog and I saw these great pictures of some familiar faces. Andrea, you look absolutely beautiful and your pictures turned out wonderful. Congratulations!!!

    Kelli Hillerud

  2. Andrea.
    You look absolutly ravishing. I wish more than anything I could have been there! You and Kyle are in my prayers, congrats to both of you! I love you!

  3. Annie and Kyle,
    You look great- absolutely gorgeous! Plus, who are those two bronze goddesses in your bridal party…


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