Thursday Rockin’ With Ashley!

I was going to call this post, ‘Ashley…Master of the Pan Flute’, but I’m not sure that anyone would even get the reference to the totally awesome informercials that used to bombard my head during all hours of the day during the ’90’s. If thereis a groundswell of support for this alternate title, just let us know in the comments section, and once it becomes clear that there is great support for this, we will make the change.

What does this have to do with the absolutely lovely Ashley that graced our studio this past Thursday, you ask?? The answer is nothing! But the truth of the matter is that none of that even matters, the only thing that does matter is that this past Saturday the O&J FunCenter was given the good fortune of working with our new friend Ashley, as her quest for Senior Portraits began! This may not be the only thing that matters in life, but right here in the right now of this words, it is all that matters!

Would you believe me if I told you that Ashley was a true treat to work with, as we subjected her to all sorts of tortuous (is that a word?) activities! Well, it doesn’t even make a difference if you believe me or not, because what I tell you is the truth…THE THRUTH!! She didn’t even blink as good ol’ Jamie had her all rubbin’ up on some sketchy wall that caused itching! What a trooper! What a super-trooper! What a scoooper-trooper-super-duper! Indeed!

Enough with this gibber-ash, on with the snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. ASHLEY!!
    I stinkin’ love your pictures! They turned out SOOO good!You look so model like! You’re going to have to teach me some of those moves before I get mine done!! haha.. well, i should get running. I’ll be home from camp on the 16th! So.. we defiently have to do something! I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! (And so does Sherman and the Pigeon!) Have fun working at the nursing home! Hopefully you don’t get any new motorcycle accident patients… duh duh duh!!!

    -megan jayne

  2. Ashley.. wow.. i love the pictures.. they turned out amazing.. and i agree with megan.. you do look like a model.. wow.. i cant believe that we are seniors ashley.. wow.. all those years of elementary school.. and mainly growing up with the bel air family.. wow.. memories i tell ya.. but anyways they look AMAZING! love ya!


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