Storm Chasin’…With Amber!

This past Wednesday we started our 2007 Seniors off with a bang, which was caused by lightning. You see, I could have said that we started off with a bang and just left it at that, but there was this mad stormy weather that kept on keepin’ on throughout the course of the shoot.

We started off in the studio, but when we was supposed to go outside and do the location part of the shoot, the weather said ‘Oh no you ain’t…so don’t even THINk about it!’ (I like the way that this looks with the k not being capital – sort of looks like it might be the name of some sort of fancy new company that specializes in corporate identity solutions…THINk – check it out) So we let ourselves be at the mercy of the weather for just a little bit, and took a little break to let it calm down.

When we started back up again, it seemed as if the weather temper tantrum was over, and we ventured into the wilderness of the great outdoors with reckless abandon! No sooner had we begun this abandonment of whatever the opposite of reckless is, that the weather reared its ugly head again. But no, my faithful bloggerites, we did not let this nasty ol’ weather scare us back to the FunCenter (aka our studio), oh no, we stood strong and said ‘Is that all you got to offer??’

The response, a feeble ‘Yeah…I’m going to stop this wind, rain, lightning and what not and I’m gonna let you get some sweet snaps – and oh, hold on – I’ll give you some sweet sweet sun and beautiful skies to work with…and…can we still be friends?’

While I still haven’t figured out if we still have room in our lives for Weather (its friends call it w – again, lowercase – and yes, it knows that the Prezzy-Prez is called that too, but Weather had it first), what we were able to figure out is that Amber was a treat to work with – it’s been a while since the last time that we worked together, and we couldn’t be any happier that she was the first of this new season. Well, seeing as how this post has taken on epic proportions, we present to you Amber – Enjoy!

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  1. Amber is soooo! beautiful!!! We are so proud of here!! We love her a whole bunch!

  2. Wow, so serious……thought these pictures are supposed to be fun! Good Luck Am.

  3. You look absolutely beautiful. You can thank the Christensens\’ for that look 🙂 Love them, your gorgeous! Take care Am.
    Andrea, Mike, Sky and Keato:)
    P.S. Sky says wow!!

  4. Thank you Otis & James! Again, you have done an outstanding job for us! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics. These here are awesome. We had a really good time. I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks Again! Am, you look as beautiful in the pics as you are in person. Love, Mom

  5. omg amber those are so cute.. i love them.. omg the 1st and the 5th one are my favorites..


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