Jade, Erica, and a Little Rain

That title is suggestive of a Bob Dylan song, or maybe even a couple of Dylan songs, but really…what isn’t?

I wasn’t there for this one, it was a solo James show. Looking at the snaps, it would seem that I’ve finally become more or less just the guy that types his nonsense on the blog, and likes to hear the sound of his own voice. I also take out the trash. Intersting that my name would come first in our business name.

Enough of my pity, as what sparks this is the reality that Jade, Erica, Jamie (and a little bit of rain) made some absolutely beautiful engagement snaps. Perhaps I will stay home more often, or maybe we should just work with this wonderful couple more often, as the results were gorgeous!

Many thanks to the couple for making a little bit of time for us on their quick tour of Minot, and we can’t wait until we work together again – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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