Reggie & Rachel…Masters of Engagement Photo-Graphs

If the title says that this lovely couple are Masters of Engagement Photo-Graphs, the question becomes ‘Who am I to argue with such statements?’ Who dares to stand up to the title to say otherwise?? Any takers out there?? I hear nothing but silence…deafening silence! Why, I ask, would I hear anything else, as this title is the absolute truth!!

How, do I know this to be the truth?? Because I was there!! I witnessed these truths first-hand. I witnessed them, and I am here today to witness to you, my fellow blogerites, to the total and complete awesomeosity that was Reggie & Rachel, as they came to the Otis & James FunCenter of Fun and showed us how it was done.

It was as if they broke it down old-school style, to show the kids how it is that this thing that is called Engagement Snaps are done. Succceed, they did. Much thanks for the good times, and for everyone else out there – Enjoy!

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