Up next on our Super Sumer Senior Tour was a totally rocking show with new friend of Otis & James, the lovely and talented Mandy, as she and her assistant (Mom) stopped down to the FunCenter for some sweetly sweet Senior Snaps!

Sometimes it’s hard to put just how awesome our time is with our Seniors, and Mandy is no exception. This struggle for words usually causes one to seek wisdom from the great poet known as Jon Bon Jovi, as he usually says it best. We can gain this bit of wisdom from him, as he says that we are cowboys, on the steel horse we ride. I think that this nugget of truth best sums up just how totally rocking Mandy was during our time together!

We had a great time working with Mandy & assistant, and we thank them for taking time from the summer to visit us! Well, I have kept you all long enough, and me thinks it is time to move on to the part you’re waiting for, the snappy-snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. Mandy – you are totally beautiful!! I had a great time helping you with your wardrobe changes, and just admiring “what a natural you are”. I can’t wait to see all your proofs – had fun. Love The Assistant!

  2. OMG!!! Those are AMAZING!!!! they came out really good, I cant wait to see the rest of them! Love ya and give me a call!

    Em 🙂

  3. Beautiful!! I like the one in the yellow flowers a lot, It is so natural of you. They are great!!

  4. Totally AWESOME! My favorite is the second one – that is truly my darling Princess!!! Luv Ya

  5. mandy,your pictures are so good.I can see why you had so much fun at your photo grandma

  6. Crazy beautiful that’s all I got to say, haha first one is definetly a keeper though for sure, what a natural, at least I’d hope so since they’re quoting you from bon jovi, they turned out great!


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