Downtown Strollin’, With Kelly!

This past Wednesday, the FunCenter fired up it’s photographic furnaces (most people don’t know this, but our cameras are powered by two gigantic furnaces…crazy, huh?) and welcomed the gracious and lovely Kelly to the FC (that’s short for FunCenter – remember, abbrev’s!) for some absolutely wondertacular Super Summer Senior Snaps (SSSS – abbrev’s & acron’s, y’all)!

Our time together was sweet, and we rocked it up hardcore! I don’t know what that even means, but let me translate – Kelly was great to work with, and the sample snaps will, indeed, bear witness to this statement. Again, enough with all of this stream of consciousness rambling that may be a desperate cry for attention, and let’s get on with the show – Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Downtown Strollin’, With Kelly!”

  1. These pictures look great. You guys did a wonderful job!! I can’t wait to see all of them! I had tons of fun taking all those pictures too! Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. KELLY DEAR..u look wonderful! deseraye told me that you took your pictures here and i RAN home and checked the site to see your BEAUTIFUL face…hope you are having a good summer! pictures are smokin!

  3. Hey.. Kick Butt pictures… well so far.. haven’t seen them all.. haha. Wish I could have got in with Otis and James.. the pictures are great!


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