Aside from being one of my most favorite Bobby Dylan songs ever, Joey is also the name of our new wonderful friend that came down to visit us this past Thursday morning for some totally righteous Senior Pics!

Joey was a total blast to work with! I hate mornings – I’m not going to lie any more about this, I just don’t deal with the AM in the way that might be expected from a person my age. I still deal with it like a 17 year old. Which is not well. At least it wasn’t well for me at that age. And it still isn’t. But if I could work with someone as enjoyable as Joey every morning, I may actually come around on my anti-morning philosophy.

Becuase of her total awesomeness, our time with Joey just flew by – and we got a ton of great snappy snaps! We would like to thank her for taking time this AM and coming down for a visit on this beautiful morning! But, again, enough with all my crazy ramblingl and let’s get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. whoo! that’s my girl! u look hot jojo, im proud to call u my “other half”


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