The One & Only Brooke!

I’m sure that there are actuallly many more than just one person out there called Brooke, but this past Tuesday there was only one that mattered to us (no offense to all the others out there), and that was the Brooke that came down to the O&J Center For Trinket Research (O&JCFTR) for some awesomeliscious snappy-snaps taken!

She, along with her entourage (the always lovely Ma & Aunt) came down here ready to rock, and believe me, my fellow friends of blog, they rocked like Bon Jovi in ’87 – yeah, I know it, that’s craaaaazy rocking.

Much thanks to all for taking time and paying us a visit on this lovely day – we had a wonderful time with one and all, and we would not like to offer up some sample snaps from the festivities – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. I have been about jumpin’ out of my skin waiting to see these gorgeous pictures. I felt like I was stalking the Blog! Anyway, WOW — Worth the Wait! I knew they would be beautiful, cuz Brooke is so beautiful, but as always, I am again WOWED by the talent of O&J at capturing the personality and essence of everyone they photograph!
    Thanks go out again to Otis & James, and we can’t leave out the awesome Hope for help as well, for making our day a fun and memorable one!

  2. Ah shucks, thank you for the kind words – but none of it was possible without the talent of Brooke – she was awesome! And next time, we promise not so much suspense in the blog waiting game (and don’t worry, there is not such thing as coming to the blog too much – we encourage it!)


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