Chris…Keeper of the Union National

Our past Tuesday (there were many others that shared in this past Tuesday, but I like to think of it as only being ours, and everyone else is just borrowing the day from us, but that’s just my crazy thinking) concluded with a visit from none other than the Keeper of the Union National himself, Chris!

Our assignment, crazy-style-senior-pics. Crazy style kind of seems like it might be a part of a pizza promotion, you know, order your crazy-style-senior-pics and get a second order for only 99¢, or something like that, but there was nothing like that. Not even any dipping sauces. Just good old patriotic made in the USA Senior Pics! Rah!

Chris tore it up all wild-like (that means like, wild), and the results were as to be expected. Great. Nothing short of it, just great. Not good, they were great. Thanks be given to Chris for spending a little O&J quality time with us tonight, and to one and all out there in Blogland – Enjoy!

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  1. chris!!!! your pictures turned out really good……the second pic is pretty much amazing! you look sly in it. i like it


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