DYTYCJLMLT v.2 :: The Taylor Edition

Moving on through our trip down memory lane, through the cobwebs of my mind it seems to me that next up on this adventure that we call the FunCenter For Fun was a quick visit from the always lovely and highly professional Taylor!

Having worked with her before, we knew that our time together would be one filled with ease, as she is a master of the photo-graphic-studio arts (which is similar to martial arts, but requires less belts, or maybe more belts, depending on how you approach it.)

With this stewing in our head, let us know say congratulations and good luck as Taylor prepares to conquer the next level of competition. We’re root toot rootin’ for you, and – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. You are soooooo beautiful! No matter what you are a princess every day in my book!! I love you! Good Luck at the National competition!


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