DYTYCJLMLT v.3 :: The Paige Edition

We keep on rocking. We keep on rocking because we are able to join up with super-rockers such as Paige, for some sweet sweet Senior Snaps. Paige came in here, made sure we had nothing but tube amps, righteous distortion, and vintage gear. Once she was able to attain this, the jam began.

We played all the hits, from Desperado to Free Bird, Layla to Sweet Home Chicago. Let me tell you this, she took what could have been an ordinary every day performance of ‘Otis & James…Live at the FunCenter’, and made it into one of those once in a lifetime gigs. Hendrix at Woodstock style (everyone says they were there, even though there were only a few thousand people left by the time he took the stage…same old story…same old story.)

What does all of this mean??? Even I don’t know, but what I do know is that a couple of Mondays ago, we were joined up by Paige, and we had a great time working with her (we hope she had a great time with us, but we’ve opted against having post-session interviews.) Seriously, enough of the pablum, and on with the pics – Enjoy!

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  1. Paige your pictures are awesome! I just had mine taken and I cant wait to see them! Anyways you’re gorgeous and the gymnastics ones are really sweet!

  2. PAIGE!!!! my one true love!.. wow.. all i have to say.. they turned out awsome.. you look amazing.. haha.. i love the last one.. you look so serious.. so determind.. haha.. but i love you.. hey call me sometime.. have a good summer!

  3. Paige…Wow! Amazing seriously! I had mine done awhile ago and they’re absolutely wonderful! Your gymnastic ones are my absolute favorites!

  4. PAIGEY!!!

    These are absolutely adorable!….You look awesome…sorry I didn’t comment them sooner..I forgot that I could! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!


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