Lovely Ladies of Schmidt (and their Scotcharoos of Sin)!

Friday morning the doors to the FunCenter opened up (a little late) in order to welcome the lovely Ladies of Schmidt (and special guest star Dad) back to the ‘magic-zone’ for some sweet summer sistah pics!

From our previous experience working with this fabulous group, we knew that our time together would be totally sweetly sweet, as these gorgeous girls (I love the alliteration, after all) are masters of rockin’ the camera. In fact, by the time that I actually made my way to the studio after being detained in the business office (which is getting to be more and more like being detained in the Principals office for crimes I did not commit, or at least I didn’t intend to be caught committing them…and how come the office of Jamie is known as the ‘creative office’ and I’m stuck with the ‘business office’?) Jamie et al. had managed to pretty much already have the shoot in the ‘totally rocked out stage, and I just moved a light around to look important, even if only in my own mind.

The results…magic! It would be enough just to work with these lovely ladies, but the matriarch of the clan had to go and bring a plate of Scotcharoos for us…mmmmmmmmm…Scotcharoos. They were good, the were unholy good, they were pure sin. For the rest of the day, the plate sat on the desk of James like the tell tale heart…beating…beating…just begging us to eat them. We actually had to call in our PA Brittany to stop us from eating them all (even though by the time she got here, Otis was reeling in a sugary haze with chocolate all over his face.)

Much thanks to one and all for making the journey to Minot, and for the bribe (you’re all awesome!) Well, my time has come to sign off – Enjoy!

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  1. O&J, you did it again! (In a good way, not a “quit pushing your sister down” kind of way.) Thanks again for the great pics! Glad you enjoyed the Scotcharoos.


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