Invasion!! By Nine Month Olds!! Yowza!!

Last Friday the FunCenter was invaded by a couple of super totally awesome cousins, that are almost the exact same age – nine months old!! These two fun-loving boys walked into the studio (with the help from their large entourage of Moms, Dads, Grandmas, etc.), for some supertacular cuzzzzzzins pics!

The shoot was fantabulous, and the results were equally as sweet! Much thanks to these two lovely young men for taking time out from there busy schedules for us, and a special shout out to the entourage for keeping them going (even when the going got rough!) But let us now forget all of these words, and move on to the goods – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. What handsome boys!! They sure were quite the troopers at the shoot. The pictures look great.

  2. What can I say?! These are awesome pics! You guys do such a wonderful job.. that is why we keep coming back!! :o)

  3. What great pics of the boys. They look awesome. I cannot wait to see the rest. You guys were so great with the boys. Thanks so much for your patience!


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