Kevin & Erica!

Our past Friday came to a thrilling conclusion, as we were visited by the totally awesome Kevin & Erica! Perhaps ‘thrilling conclusion’ is a little bit on the misleading side, as there were no car crashes, or shoot outs, or explosions, or kidnappings, or any mayhem for that matter. What there was, (wait for the segue…wait for it) however, well…there were lovely lovely (that’s two lovelies) engagement photographs, brought to us by this wonderful couple!

The shots just rolled off, one right after another, culmulating in a wonderful collection of super-fantastic engagement photo-graphs! They were absolutely wonderful to work with, and we can hardly wait until the main event, the big show, the…well…you get the point – their wedding!

Much thanks to these two for making time for us, and now I shall cease in this meandering collection of words that is attempting to be something, and I’m pretty sure that it is not, and, as I was saying, it is time for us to move on to some sample snaps – Enjoy!

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