Sean & Chelsea

This past Saturday the Otis & James Caravan of Love (O&JCOL) went North, to a land called Bottineau, and a lake called Metigoshe. No, my friends, this was not just a visit to partake in the chaos that is a hot summer weekend on this lake. No, no. We had a greater goal; the wedding of Sean & Chelsea!

Right now, I could go on and on about how the day was beautiful, the location was gorgeous, and how the Bride & Groom are absolutely perfect! I could continue to tell y’all out there about how everyone was so gracious and friendly to work with, I could tell you about how the lovely couple didn’t even blink an eye when my fearless leader James told them to stand on top of a collection of red ants, or sit in a bug infested shady grove.

But I feel that spending time telling all of you out there about this would only delay what you’re all here for – to see some sweet sweet sample snaps from the big day! So, I will not delay any further – actually, I will, but just to say thank you to Sean & Chelsie for being so great to work with! Alright…Enjoy!

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