Greetings…From Billings, MT!

Howdy there!

Just thought we’d drop a line, and show you a couple of snaps from our time in Billings! It’s my first time this far west (I can hear the mountains calling…calling), and the first time that Jamie has stood so close to the edge of a big cliff (I assured her that if she fell, at least the end would be picturesque.)

Well, that’s about it. We’ll drop you a line again real soon now.


Photo I Landscape Portfolio Candidate


Jamie’s got the whole city, in her arms!

I feel pretty and witty and bright!

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  1. hey i was just there…altough…i was on my way to California…and i just ate at the McDonalds…

  2. O&J – Thanks so much for coming out and being part of the weekend!! The city and the mountains miss you already and we kinda like you too…….Enjoyed….

  3. It was great that you made the trip to partake in Jenna’s wedding activities. It was quite a jubilant day.

  4. You two are so cute!! You have that energy that makes everyone want to say I know the O&J!!


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