Amber…Master of the Drum & Queen of the Woods!

Where do I even begin with this post??? There are so many things that come to mind, so I’m just gonna give you some bullet points.

  • Amber = Friendly/Mellow/Awesome.
  • The big cool drum was just that; big & kool.
  • Her assistant (the lovely Cassie) was totally awesome as well.
  • She was Queen of the Woods.
  • She could have caught a bunny and made it her pet, but she opted not to.
  • She kept her cool during the whole ‘people might be shooting at us’ incident.
  • Her snaps were…well…as awesome as awesome can be.

Alright, there will be a quiz on this next week. But, before that, I suggest that we take some time now to look at the awesomeness that I am talking about. Again, much thanks to Amber and her lovely assistant for being so wonderful to work with – you guys rock, 1000%. But enough of all these words, let’s see some snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Hey Amber your pictuers look really nice! I can’t wait to get some copies of them.

  2. Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures are awesome! Did you ever do the one with the guitar?

  3. hey miss gorgeous…look at you go!!! so i heard that you work at the zoo all the fricken time…and so do i…but yet i never see you…anyways…the pics are absolutely stunning!!!

  4. Oh my gosh,,,,,,I would hate to meet you in the woods with that look, great pics


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