Rise & Shine With Dana!

The end of the ol’ Monday-Friday workweek (not that we actually adhere to these archaic conventions, as we are currently in the development stages of figuring out a system for us to eliminate sleep from our schedule, that we we could fit a couple more appointments into the calendar…sanity…who really needs it?) got off to a great start with a visit from the vivacious (alright, let’s go to the dictionary for those of you that aren’t sure that this is the word that we’re in search of:

vivacious |vəˈvā sh əs; vī-| adjective (esp. of a woman) attractively lively and animated.

I think it will work…in fact…I know it will work), the one, the only Dana! Our mission: some SuperSweetSeniorSnaps! I know you’re sitting there, wondering if we were able to complete the mission. You’re wondering what sort of hijinks and pratfalls awaited us as we embarked upon this dangerously exciting mission, but there’s no need to wonder, my friends, because (and I’m pretty sure that the comma well that I oh so love to dip into is about dry after this sentence) I’m here to report that we had an absolutely wonderful time (actually, it was more Jamie, but I think of us as being more one über-person instead of two), and that the goods that were gotten were all good goods…or…you know what I’m trying to say – she rocked it up, and I think that it’s time for us to go to the time that we look at the sweetly-sweet snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. the last one is my fav!…oh i love you…i get some of these…since you never get school pictures…i love you…

  2. Dana! I love these…I love the 2nd and last one…almost as much as I love you! See ya later Arland. haha remember that…

  3. Great pictures !!! Really like the first and last. Love ya, Uncle Dewey and Aunt Wanda

  4. HI Dana! Love the pics. Madison likes the last one, Raegan likes the second one(b&w) and Aunt Dawn likes the first one–very nice.


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