Oh…Em…Gee…Otis & James…Where the @#&* Are You???

Have you been coming here, day after day, looking for something…anything for that matter that is new?? And have you been coming here day after day (at least for the past seven or so days) and continually having your heart broken by our lack of new posts???

If so, I have the cure for you, and it’s just about to start. What, oh what is this cure, you ask?? Well, you won’t find it in any bottle. You won’t find it down the street at B&B. You won’t find it in the backwoods of the Amazon. You won’t even find it in your basement or closet. You will find it right here, in the good ol’ blog. Because I am about ready to unleash a torrent of posts, guaranteed to whip your minds into a photographic frenzy, or at least to mildly amuse you until you surf your way over to the next page.

Sit back, relax, don’t do it…wait…just sit back and relax, and prepare ye minds to be blown away by colorful pixels that may or may not wind up being someone that you recognize.

And be sure not to handle heavy machinery after taking the cure.

Peace Out, My Homeslices.

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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