More Friday Family Fun!

We have been working with this lovely family for many a long time now. They have known us from our very humble beginning, and have stuck with us through it all. This lovely group of people were some of the first clients to make us feel like we may just have a chance at this crazy photography thing after all! Suddenly, I like short sentences!

So, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed them back to the studio again, for some quick pics before going up to the lake. I think that Connor was more interested in the lake part, but he still managed to pull out some sweet poses in order to appease the ‘rents! As for Justin & Michelle – they are pros, they always bring their A game to the studio. Dang. Pure & Simple. Dang.

Alright, let’s dispense with all of these words and get to the part that you’re all really here for, the snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. Your pictures of Justin, Michelle, and Connor are fantastic!! Okay, I am biased, I am Michelle’s aunt and Connor is one of the greatest loves of my life!! The pics are sooooo great!!

  2. Cute Pictures guys! Checking to see if they had your wedding pictures up on the blog! Excited to see them!


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