Sometimes You Tell The Town…

From the bottle that you drink. It’s strange how the Jovi always manages to be the prophet when you need one most. If I were to have had a bottle tonight, it would have been a big ol’ bottle of Minneapolis, for I write this with a view of the Minne-Apple outside the hotel room window. Perhaps the line of the song should have said ‘Sometimes you tell the town, from the name that’s on the sign’ – I think that that would make more sense. Like, the system of picking a different bottle for every town seems to be pretty complex.

What’s the purpose of this post? Not much, really, other than to let you know that the O&J Caravan of Love is moving East for the next week, but we’re still keeping our fingers on the pulse of the blog, via this amazing information superhighway (series of tubes) that I like to call the internets.

So, even though we are not physically in the FunCenter, we can still put up some sweet sweet stuff, so – get ready for some serious Senior Bloggers, y’all!

Much Love

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By otis

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