Jon…Your Post is Here…Finally!

Alright now, the wait is finally over. After much anticipation, and a couple of different sessions, we at the Otis & James Center for the Study of Fun and Not Fun (O&JCFTSOFNF) are pleased to announce that the blog post for the one, the only, the man with the plan, the General of Albania, the Master of Texarkana, ladies & gentleman, I present to you…without any further wait, the man of the hour…let’s give it up for…are you ready for this…JON!

Much thanks to the General (that’s what his inner circle of peeps calls him…or…that’s what I like to call him…and I’m not sure that he likes it…but I hope it sticks, especially if one day he actually is a General…crazy) for being so patient, and to all of you all out there in blogland – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Big bad Jon. Looking good bro. you gotta show me the rest of your pictures sometime. If you dont imma have to track you down. Or call.. either one I guess.
    Much love
    Jordan Lucy

  2. Jon!
    I love the pics. Very you. I noticed that you weren’t wearing my pants in any of the pics. I would like those pants back. But very good pics none-the-less (i don’t think that’s hyphenated)! Definately rocks my sox tho!

  3. Jon, Great pictures. Can’t wait to see the rest of them. See you at the house one of these days. Good lookin kid. Julie

  4. I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of the pics. Only OJ could make senior pics a fun experience. Hope this year is the greatest! The best is yet to come.


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