Molly in the Morning!

Yesterday morning (can you believe how up to date we are on the blog…it’s almost unheard of – it’s usually ‘seventeen yesterdays ago – which means eighteen days ago for our math challenged bloggers out there….’) the FunCenter started back up again on it’s Summer of Love Tour ’06 with a visit from the vivacious Molly!

Fun was had by all (and it was a ‘ladies only’ shoot – stinky ol’ Otis got left behind, but due to the ‘stinky & old’ factor, this decision was probably for the best), and the snaps that were gotten were gotten goodly, and gotten sweetly, and gotten rockin’! What, exactly, does that sentence mean? Let me break it down for you in laymen terms – Molly in the Morning was totally awesome to work with, and we would now like to extend an O&J holla to you for being so great, and I love the flying doggie! Well, let’s just forget all these words and get to the goods – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Wow, Molly, the pictures are amazing. Great smile! Otis and James awesome job!

    Love, Mom

  2. hey molly those turned out wonderful.. they are awsome.. haha.. im so glad that i finally got to see thor.. haha… love ya always..

  3. You KNOW which is my favorite. I hope everyone who reads the comments realizes you are beautiful “inside” too.
    Love always and forever—–

  4. Looking good, cousin! My fav has to be the second to last one. I’ve always been a fan of smirky pics. =P

    Hope all is going well!


  5. Hey Molly!! I love the pictures. You look great..It is going to be hard to pick one cuz they are all great!

  6. Hey Molly this is shanna from work 😛 hahahaha, hey great pics, it is hard to choose a pic cuz they were all great. Good job the camera loves ya see I told you. see you at work on friday or maybe sooner.

    your friend shanna


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