Rockin’ Up the Thursday AM Wit’ a Little Wendy!

Hey now, did y’all like my first usage of ‘wit”…huh…addin’ a lil’ bit of street to ‘the blog’…huh…what do you think…keepin’ it pretty hip, aren’t we…what’s that…we’re old and out of touch, and those laughs we hear aren’t people laughing with us…ahh man, you must be trippin’ or somthing, ’cause I’m stone cold HIP! Well, for those of you out there in the world of blog that aren’t up on the vernacular quite like me, let me break down (translate) the title of this post for you; it means that this past Thursday morning, we had the sweetsweetlysweetness pleasure of working with the one and only Wendy, and our goal was to get some Senior Snaps!

What do you think the outcome was? Do you think that we weren’t able to get them? Alright, take a little sneak peek below and come right back up here…well, are you still wondering about whether or not we got them, or has your mind been completely blown by just how awesome our time with Wendy was??!! That’s what I thought, as there is no denying how totally and completely awesome Wendy was to work with, and how much fun we had!

Much love to Wendy for coming down to the FunCenter, and for being so great to work with! OK, even though you’ve already had a small little sneak peek, it’s time for us all to put these words aside and get to the goods – Enjoy!

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  1. OMG! WENDY I LOVE YOUR PICS! my favorites are number 1 and number 3 but they are all awesome! wonderful job once again O and J!


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